Love Saves the Day

This Month -
Love Saves the Lotus!

Beloved Community,
As you all know by now, we closes our doors on March 14th until social distancing and shelter in place orders are lifted.

So many of you have been asking for a simple way to help support The Lotus' survival through this global crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic and are SO mad at me for making it so difficult! ... Especially all you non-yoga buddies, or folks living abroad...I had not wanted to just ask for money, and asked for support through your buying cards and memberships for when we reopen. But as our costs increase and we're sinking deeper into debt and it looks like at least three 3 more months to get back on our feet (and mamma's freaking out) my beloved "students", now my teachers have jumped in to save the day with love and this GoFundMe. The money raised will go to pay necessities, my small staff who are working tirelessly as I homeschool Indigo, create our live on-line classes and pay off debt accrued by having to cancel so many trainings and events that need to be refunded back to students ASAP. Funding and loans will come through but this is an immediate solution to SOS (save our sanctuary). As so many beautiful businesses are in danger of closing I want to make sure I am fighting the good fight to assure we survive this and continue the serve the city and people we love with the powerful practices we love.

For those of you new to The Lotus SF, here is a little about us and please consider donating what you can or share with your communities:

Laughing Lotus Yoga Center is an urban sanctuary where diversity, creativity and culture are celebrated in San Francisco’s historic Mission district. We honor Yoga’s timeless teachings through physical, mental, and spiritual transformation by providing inspiring classes and workshops, uplifting events and dedication to service and activism. Established in 1999, LLYC offers a unique, yet authentic yoga experience that retains the highest standards with a devoted and passionate collective of instructors. Our weekly schedule consists of a wide variety of dynamic and restorative classes bridging the healing salves of movement, music and meditation, in an inclusive, engaging, and joyful environment to cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind and free spirit to better heal and serve our world.

Thank you from the depth of my heart and I can't wait for us to be together again!

In solidarity and love,

Stay Tuned.

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