Friday Night Live & Soulful Saturday

Yoga & Live Music by Niko & Jun

Lotus Flow and live music with the incredible San Francisco duo Niko and Jun - playing electric guitar, classical flute, and electronic beats! A late night vinyasa practice to sooth the soul

Yoga & Live Music by Ege Sanli

Practice our signature Lotus Flow to LIVE music -- This week we have the incredible Ege Sanli blessing us with the blissful sounds of sitar. Utilizing techniques from a myriad of musical genres and styles, he creates sophisticated and interesting fusions. Ege is a musical renaissance man, and a stringed-instrument maestro, equally comfortable playing folk and classical tunes on his sitar, or playing blues on his electric guitar and harmonica.

Cacao & Kundalini Kirtan with Mary

A Soulful Saturday event to inspire your yogi passions!
Join us for an evening of sacred cacao ceremony and chanting Kundalini mantras. Let's connect to community, open our hearts together in prayer and the deep guiding wisdom of sacred cacao, then sing into the illuminating and vibratory space of the heart with Kirtan.

Friday Night Reggaeton Yoga w/ Zoë

Join Zoë for a Lotus Flow Vinyasa class to the lively beat of latin dance music. A Friday night out shaking your hips and breaking a sweat -- on your yoga mat! Come move to your favorite reggaeton songs while experiencing a mindful, inspiring, and relaxing yoga practice.

Stay Tuned.

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