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Apprentices in yoga class

Build Your Confidence and Expertise

Ready to Start Teaching at The Lotus? Join our apprenticeship program!

Move out of your comfort zone and start teaching right away through the support of one on one mentorship. Put your new found skills to use right away by assisting a class once a week, and teaching once a week at The Lotus under the guidance of a senior teacher for eight weeks.

Enroll in the Lotus Apprenticeship Program

As a graduate, you are offered an intensive learning opportunity with one of our top teachers!

Graduates of any teacher training program at Laughing Lotus are invited to submit an application to be considered for acceptance. Considered applicants must have completed a 200 or 300Hr training program and have completed our 50 Hour Hands-On Training Module.

  • Open to graduates of our 200 & 300hr Yoga School Modules.
  • Apprentices are assigned to assist one (1) weekly class with their mentor.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before class starts to help set up the room & greet students.
  • The Apprentice will be briefed on the class intention by their mentor, and provided any information relevant to the Apprentices role as a class assistant.
  • After class the Apprentice & Mentor will debrief the class. This session is to be a 5-minute check-in. The purpose is to gauge the level of learning experience.
  • The Apprentice is responsible for attending all 8 classes. In the event of inability to attend, there will be a sub-procedure in place.
  • Each Apprentice is required to teach a weekly Community Class during the 8-Week Program, totaling eight (8) classes.
  • The Mentor will attend and provide a 20-minute feedback session following three (3) classes. Feedback will be documented and given to Apprentice.

Stay Tuned.

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