March 30 - April 21, 2019 | Saturdays and Sundays, 1:00pm - 6:00pm

50 Hour Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Training

Alex Crow, Robin Wilner & Janine Trinidad

Welcome to deepening your experience and sharing the rich inner worlds of Yin Yoga and Nidra in our 50 Hour Training with Lotus senior teachers Alex Crow, Robin Wilner and Janine Trinidad. Whether you are a healer of any modality, a yoga teacher receiving your 300 Hour certification, or practitioner desiring to take the next step on your path, this training is not to be missed.

Journey into the deep, into the quieter side of your practice and teaching, through a four weekend teacher training that has been designed to allow you to slowly melt into and organically absorb the wisdom of Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra, giving you an opportunity to receive powerful tools for personal healing and gather inspiration to share these gorgeous practices with others in your life. Dip into the alchemical waters of the Divine Feminine through this truly transformative Love-work!

This training will include the following material:

-Anatomy: fascia and skeletal variations
-Introduction to chi and meridian system
-Yin theory, principles + language
-Yin postures + practice teaching
-Hands on for yin: compassionate touch + consent
-Props and sequencing for yin
-Pranayama + the emotional body
-Deep Listening practice through Sound, Mantra + Meditation
-Reprogramming the mind: Yoga Nidra theory + practice

$1100 (early bird $950 if paid in full by Feb. 25th) *20% off Full Price for Lotus Grads!

Alex Crow, Robin Wilner & Janine Trinidad

Class Instructors

Alex Crow believes that the practices of yoga come alive and evolve as nature does, but at their core abides a pure intention. Yoga is a path, a way of life bringing beings back to their natural state of union, connection, and wholeness. For Alex, yoga began as a rehabilitation practice to assist her life as a professional dancer. As the years of injuries unraveled, so did the energetic and emotional blocks that were held within those hurt tissues. These discoveries of healing have been the inspiration for a life dedicated to assisting others with their own healing processes. Her classes are challenging just as much as they are nurturing. She strives to create a safe space for yogis to explore the terrain of the body-mind, discover their unique anatomy, and deepen a sensitivity to the power that flows through us all. An honest mover, Yoga therapist and Reiki master, Alex shares her deep passion for movement as a form of expression and a source of healing.

Robin Wilner loves that the yoga practice is a form of personal expression fusing movement with breath, mantra with devotion, and philosophy with spirituality. Formerly a professional Broadway performer {Wicked, Mamma Mia, Sweet Charity, Cats}, she danced her way to the mat while living and working in NYC and found that yoga kept her body, mind and spirit healthy amidst the challenges of a demanding lifestyle. But it was when she discovered the creative style, infectious energy, and welcoming community at Laughing Lotus that the love affair for the practice truly began, and she is beyond grateful to be a part of its ever-growing family.

Janine Trinidad’s yogic path is one of continual folding and unfolding unto itself, and she finds it ever expanding outwardly in colorful spirals. Her physical practice began through dance, but having experience some injury and imbalance (as life often offers) she found yoga to be a welcoming practice that allowed her to find harmony, wholeness and a safe place to explore deeper connections in her body. What she didn’t expect was yoga to offer her a profound relationship to her life purpose through teaching and healing. For Janine, yoga invites each individual into the heartfelt space of divine collaboration between mind and body, and between individual and universal. Really, yoga simply invited into her life, more growth and more fun!

Stay Tuned.

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