Veda Rammohan (sub)

Veda was born in India and immigrated to the US with her parents in the early ‘90s. Her parents practiced yoga in India and introduced her to ancestral traditions in the U.S. through Ayurveda, pranayama, and some basic asanas throughout her childhood. However, yoga really brought personal, profound meaning to Veda during a weekly Monday class held during lunch time at work in 2009. She slowly realized that yoga was not a practice meant solely for physical fitness, but mental fitness as well. Through yoga practice, Veda realized that she had all the tools of managing her anxiety within herself.
While exploring studios in San Francisco, Veda took her first class at Laughing Lotus and discovered how Lotus Flow truly honored her body and nourished her mind. Veda felt inspired to answer the call, and share the practice of yoga in a friendly, accessible manner. Veda completed her yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco in Fall 2017. She aims to present yoga to her students in an accessible way that makes them want to come back again and again, to deepen their practice.
Veda offers detailed cues that are friendly and clear to all levels, gentle hands-on assists, and a carefully curated playlist in all of her classes. She is forever grateful to all of her gurus and bows deeply to Jasmine Tarkeshi, Valerie Starr, Alex Crow, Brima Jah, Minerva Arias, and Astrud Castillo.

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