Valerie Starr

E-RYT 500+
Hometown: Santa Clara, California
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Most Played Artists: Radiohead, Bob Moses, Christian Löffler
Classes: Lotus Flow, Happy Hour

Valerie loves yoga because it helps her feel more connected to her internal world, so that she can feel more connected to the world outside.

She first discovered yoga in high school, when she practiced so often to a Rodney Yee Yoga video that the tapes broke! After repeated injuries from running on the hills of SF, Valerie sought a deeper connection to breath and movement that had the ability to fuse her two passions: running and fire dancing. It was while traveling through Southeast Asia at the Yoga Barn in Ubud Bali that her love of yoga evolved into a daily practice.

Walking into the Lotus doors, Valerie knew that it was her home. After just one class, she felt instantly welcomed into the community and knew that this beautiful space would continue to offer teachings of the physical aspects of yoga alongside the spiritual...all the elements of the practice that were most important to her journey. And the teachers were amazing and inspiring! Students can expect to experience an intentional and inspirational flow with Val, mixed with some great beats.

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