Teacher Training Overview

Ready to deepen and share your love for yoga? Our celebrated teacher training is an incredibly rich and intensive program that fully brings to life the depth and joy of yoga as a creative process and as a divine path to awakening.

Lotus Flow Yoga is a creative, dynamic and devotional practice that merges the body, breath and wakefulness in order to experience happiness, freedom and a deep spiritual connection.

Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn have developed a program that thoroughly explores the art of teaching and sequencing a vinyasa class. Laughing Lotus Yoga School is the perfect launching pad for teaching, as well as a fantastic way to deepen your own personal practice. Dubbed “Love Skool,” we are here to support you on your incredible journey in cultivating a personal spiritual practice, sadhana, that connects you directly with the source of your being, the true teacher or guru within. Through this sacred connection, you become the true mystic, sharing what you discover and offering yourself as a powerful and healing presence in the world.

As a registered Yoga Alliance® School, our curriculum fulfills all of the necessary requirements, and yet goes even deeper by focusing on the greater aspects of teaching right from the start. From the very first weekend, students are teaching and discovering their own voices and soulful expressions.

Since 2000, graduates from Laughing Lotus Yoga School have been teaching far and wide with great success. Our teacher training is open to dedicated students, current teachers, and truth seekers.

*One year of vinyasa practice is required, but no prior teacher training is necessary. It is strongly recommended that you have taken classes at Laughing Lotus if you are interested in applying.

“The training introduced me to new parts of inner myself and allowed my asana practice to strengthen, deepen and grow. It was a transformative experience that continues to evolve as I continue to practice and teach.” — Eric Subido