Sara Silberstang

Certifications: RYT 500
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Most Played Artists: Dave Matthews, The Fugees, DJ Drez

As a youngster in Santa Cruz, Sara first came to yoga through a restorative practice. When she moved to NYC in 2004, she was turned on by the vinyasa styles of both Jivamukti and Laughing Lotus. Sara is a certified personal trainer and holistic coach, which led her to the path of teaching yoga. She wanted to offer her clients a comprehensive approach to health and a way for all parties to deal with the stress of everyday life. She learned that if you can breathe in a yoga class, you can breathe through any difficult situation and react in a more calm way. She pursued her advanced 500-hour certification at Lotus because no matter what happened in the day, Sara always felt inspired, at home and loved every time she stepped foot through the door.

Sara's classes are fun, stimulating and upbeat with a focus on proper alignment and safety for all bodies. She is known for her hands-on assists, poppy tunes and upbeat personality, while creating an environment that encourages being yourself. Whether it's breath, asana, or just getting to know yourself a little better on the mat, you will move mindfully through shapes feeling strong, lengthened and clear-headed as you move into the next part of your day.

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