Mario Batres

Mario has been linked to the practice of Yoga for almost a decade. Originally from Northern Spain and with a background in design he moved to San Francisco in 2009 searching for a change on his busy life. After a short pilgrimage around Bay Area’s Yoga scene he finally found home at Laughing Lotus. Committed to the practice and encouraged by some of his teachers he took the path of service with his first teacher training at the center and has not stopped deepening in the teachings of Yoga ever since.

His devotion to the practice brings the best of him on and off the mat softening the hard edges and helping him find the grace and light in each and every one of us. Mario has studied intensively with renowned teachers in the US as well as in India where he spends extended periods of time. With more than 500-hours of certified studies he is eternally grateful to all his mentors and continues to deepen in the secrets of this sacred practice. When not in the mat you can find Mario hiking the highest picks on the Himalayas, trekking through Thailand’s jungle or crossing Sahara’s desert. As an adventurous traveler he always find the challenges to keep him in touch with his higher self.

Lately he has been imparting workshops internationally on the healing practices of sound and Nada Yoga and continuing his education at Laughing Lotus thankful for his Yoga family and specially to Jasmine and Dana for creating this sanctuary of devotion and community.

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