Love Saves the Day

Love Saves the Day is Laughing Lotus San Francisco’s Non-Prophet Selfless Service foundation Benefitting Non-Profits locally, nationally and internationally through volunteer programs and benefit classes. 50% of proceeds from our daily 2:30 community classes and Jasmine’s Saturday 10am class goes to benefit a different monthly non-profit serving the community and world. It’s Love that make the world go round and Love that saves the Day!

Love Saves the Day ~ Project Homeless Connect

Our June monthly focus at Laughing Lotus is Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound; such sounds include not only mantra, but ALL sounds from the audible to inaudible and from the sacred to the mundane. In utilizing sound to find yogic union, we learn how to listen and how to reconnect with ourselves, others, and the universe. As Russill Paul has written, “…the quality of our hearing and the kinds of sounds we hear are important. We derive healing and nourishment for our soul from the process. In other words, to neglect our ears is to neglect our soul. “Sufi poet Hafiz asks, “How do I listen to others?” His answer: “As if everyone were my Master speaking to me his cherished last words.” Elsewhere, he has written, “…sweetheart, you are God in drag.” We, all of us, ARE the divine and it is through the practice of yoga that we come to fully see this truth.

In opening ourselves to sound and trusting our ears, and honoring and listening to the the Divine in each and every human being, this month Love Saves the Day benefits Project Homeless Connect, an amazing organization that helps San Francisco’s homeless population access the care and services they need, especially housing. Since 2004, they have partnered with city leaders, community-based organizations, and volunteers from across the Bay Area to bring essential services to people living on the streets. These collaborations are at the heart of what they do. This community issue requires a community solutions and comprehensive and continually innovative responses to the crisis of homelessness.

Every month PHC hosts an event that matches those experiencing homelessness with volunteer service providers. As of April 2016, close to 55,000 volunteers provided services to more than 85,000 homeless and low-income San Franciscans. The federal government’s Interagency Council on Homelessness has declared Project Homeless Connect a national best practice model. PHC has been replicated in over 200 cities across the United States, as well as in Canada and Australia.

For example, at the March 2016 event, 41 people received acupuncture treatments, 238 people obtained California IDs, 100 received dental procedures 195/168/532 people received eye exams, prescription glasses, and reading glasses, 14,886 pounds of groceries are given to participants, 144 received information on shelters and housing, 125 received haircuts, 100 received detail procedures, 70 people were concealed about legal issues affecting their lives, 22 accessed mental health services, 100 needles exchanged, 120 got medical care, 64 got veterinary care and pet sitting, 95 received veterans services, , 1,395 lunches were served, 16,681 pounds of groceries were distributed and 25 people living without homes were off the street and homeward bound!

In addition to their monthly events, PHC sponsors projects such as:

Veterans Connect, which connects the 20-33% of San Francisco’s homeless who are veterans to the special services they need and deserve.

Family Connect, which focuses upon providing services for the growing population of homeless families, who make up 40% of the city’s homeless population.

Growing Home Community Garden Project, which offers nutritional education and refuge from the urban streets to San Franciscans experiencing homelessness by offering “an interactive space where participants develop garden plots with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.”

Whether we are housed or experiencing homelessness, rich or poor, yoga can help us remember to listen to needs of others and be of service in any way we can. If you’d like to help Project Homeless Connect in their Divine mission, please click Here and remember, Love Saves the Day!

In Love and Service,