Love Saves the Day

Love Saves the Day is Laughing Lotus San Francisco’s Non-Prophet Selfless Service foundation Benefitting Non-Profits locally, nationally and internationally through volunteer programs and benefit classes. 50% of proceeds from our daily 2:30 community classes and Jasmine’s Saturday 10am class goes to benefit a different monthly non-profit serving the community and world. It’s Love that make the world go round and Love that saves the Day!

Love Saves the Day ~ Amma

This July at Laughing Lotus we celebrate our Divine Mother Earth in all of her manifestations, from the planet that gives us life and sustains us to the Divine Mother Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma). In embracing yoga and by living simply and compassionately, we can nurture others, ourselves, and our planet. As Amma has said: “This is the moment to awaken the love and compassion within us. This is the time to pray with our hearts and work with our hands. Let us lend a helping hand to those who are grieving and thus light lamps of kindness and compassion.”

Born in Kerala, India, Amma has become known worldwide not only for having hugged more than 26 million people all over the globe, but also for her commitment to ending human suffering and improving the lives of we who live here on Mother Earth. And so, July’s Love Saves the Day is devoted to providing support for Amma’s humanitarian activities that include disaster relief, hunger relief, medical care, education, and environmental awareness.

Among Amma’s projects are: Empowering Women, Education for Everyone, Disaster Relief , Building Homes , Care Homes For Children, Fighting Hunger ,Healthcare & Nutrition, Community Outreach , Green Initiatives , Public Health, Research for a Better World

•The construction of over 6,000 new homes in India, Sri Lanka, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for victims of the 2004 tsunami. When the disaster struck, residents of Amma’s ashram waded through the waters of flooded villages to rescue people while doctors from Amma’s Amrita
Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) traveled throughout the Indian subcontinent to help serve the devastated areas.

•The renovation of slum and shantytown communities in cities across India.

•Amrita Nidhi, a lifetime pension project that has helped over 50,000 destitute women throughout India buy necessities such as food and medicine.

•Special outreach projects through Amma’s AIMS hospital that provide services such as surgery for children with cleft palates; diabetes awareness programs (a growing problem in India) and the provision of free insulin to poor patients; and free pain relief treatment for destitute patients with terminal illnesses.

The work of Amma and her devotees is limitless. Here in the United States, Amma’s Prisoner’s Welfare Project, Circle of Love Inside, does outreach to men and women serving prison terms through letter writing, visits, and meditation instruction. And in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and failed government responses, the Mata Amritanandamayi Center (located in San Ramon, California), donated $1million dollars to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund..

To find out more out Amma’s work and how you can nurture our planet through selfless service, go to For those of you in the Bay Area, click here to find out about how to a href= “”> support Amma’s initiatives in your community:

Amma has said she will continue to serve with love “as long as there is enough strength in these hands to reach out to those who come…” We are a source of the sacred, the spiritual, and here for proving that Love can Save the Earth and Save the Day!

In Love and Service,