Love Saves the Day

Love Saves the Day is Laughing Lotus San Francisco’s Non-Prophet Selfless Service foundation Benefitting Non-Profits locally, nationally and internationally through volunteer programs and benefit classes. 50% of proceeds from our daily 2:30 community classes and Jasmine’s Saturday 10am class goes to benefit a different monthly non-profit serving the community and world. It’s Love that make the world go round and Love that saves the Day!

This month as Laughing Lotus we bask in the Divine Light of saints, sages, and mystics both ancient and contemporary – spiritual teachers and leaders who inspire change, compassion, and revolution both within and in the larger world outside.

It is with the divine mystic in mind that this December Love Saves the Day benefits The Women’s Building in San Francisco’s lively and loving Mission District with it’s inspiring murals of images of women and great female activists and artists! Operating since 1971, the current incarnation of The Women’s Building (TWB) is the first woman-owned and operated community center in the United States (to learn more about this history, click here. TWB is a non-profit that serves over 20,000 women and girls each year, providing them with the resources they need to develop into their truest, fullest selves and advocates self-determination, gender equality and social justice.

Among TWB’s programs are:
*The Immigrant Assistance Food Pantry that serves our neighbors in need who cannot receive food stamps because of their immigration status.
*The Low-No Cost Legal Advice Program that offers personal and creative solutions to legal conflicts and advice on legal matters
*Access to Technology, in which women and girls can make use of TWB’s computer lab and receive instruction in computer basics
*Job Search Assistance that helps women with resumes, cover letters, interview skills and job search strategies.
*Free income Tax preparation where certified volunteers from the community help prepare basic, current year tax returns for eligible taxpayers free of charge.
* The Wellness program with free or low-cost Yoga, Tai-Chi, Dance and exercise classes as well as 12 step programs to feel better and live addiction free!

Other activities at The Women’s Building include financial advising, income tax preparation, an annual crafts fair for women artists, and an annual International Women’s Day Celebration (to learn more about TWB programs click here.

Women’s wisdom too has been essential in bestowing upon us the the necessary hope and light to inspire us on the path of transformation that is yoga – from yogic Saints to contemporary mystics: St. Theresa, Ammachi, Mother Teresa, Ananda Mayi Ma, Audrey Lorde, Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou our great Mothers and Grandmothers – all serve the cause of compassion and awakening.

As the winter days grow dark, let us embrace the gurus (literally “remover of darkness”) of The Women’s Building who through their work bring light and celebrate life. To become a volunteer at TWB and celebrate our own inner gurus who also are capable of giving light, life, and transformation, click here and remember, Love Saves the Day!

In Love and Service,