Lorenzo Lambertino (sub)

Lorenzo's teaching is deeply inspired by the forces of nature, as well as the spiritual and cultural traditions of rural Oaxaca, where he grew up. He welcomes students into a sacred space of healing and introspection, a refuge from the chaotic world, wherein we can begin to recognize our original face, the eternal ocean of wellbeing and joy that exists within us, waiting to shine forth.
Yoga was crucial in helping Lorenzo recover from years of chronic lower-back pain and injury. These experiences inform all aspects of his classes, which emphasize dynamic and creative sequencing, proper alignment, patience, gentleness, and productive effort.
Lorenzo believes that yoga is one of the most important tools that we have available in this modern age to stimulate wellness, social justice, and positive social change. He welcomes all to step into this transformative journey, where a single breath of earnest meditation has the potential to transform a lifetime!

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