Laura Schadler

RYT 200
Hometown: Rappahannock, Virginia
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Most Played Artists: Be Forest, NAVVI, Julianna Barwick
Classes: Basic Flow, Gentle Flow

After many years of a casual love affair with yoga, while finishing grad school and in the midst of writing a novel, Laura’s practice became something more serious. Yoga offers an answer to the persistent question: what now? The answer of yoga has come to her again and again, as a profound source of healing. Yoga inspires her to reside fully in the present moment and reminds her that the process of change is constant.

Laura’s classes are a gentle but disciplined exploration of our inner landscape. Her instruction creates a sense of spaciousness in the body, mind, and breath. Laura uses poetry, mudras, and meditation to uncover the mysteries and illuminations of the practice both on and off the mat.

She was first drawn to the pink (her favorite color!) and orange exterior of Laughing Lotus SF. The minute she walked in the doors, she felt welcomed into the Lotus community and the practice of Lotus Flow. There was no judgement, no competition, and no expectations. Every Lotus student was guided through an authentic and empowering practice, and she continues to offer that same guidance to her students.

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