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Setting Intentions with the Kubera Mudra by Adriana Feliciana

Posted on: August 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Mudras are a conscious way of holding the arms and hands in order to express meaning. We often use a mudra at the beginning of our Practice to effectively engage and influence our body and mind. Wayne Dyer says, “Live every day with intention,” and I have found that defining my intentions before setting off on any project is an excellent way for me to stay focused.

The Kubera Mudra helps support you in setting your intentions and manifesting your desires. You can begin with either hand. The thumb, middle and index finger are joined together with the other fingers curled in towards the palm. The thumb represents fire, the index represents air and the middle represents space…all joining together to form a powerful force that helps you focus on fulfilling your desires and aspirations.

 The effect of a mudra can be greatly enhanced with intentional breathing. Pay close attention to maintaining even breaths while lengthening the pause after inhaling and after exhaling by several seconds. Hold your arms about one inch away from your body. Create as much length as you can in the spine and roll the shoulders back to bring a sense of inner balance and to help regulate the nervous system so you can remain focused.
Exhale vigorously several times before you begin to make room for what you want to achieve. The Kubera Mudra can be practiced throughout the day as many times as desired. I like to use this mudra every morning at the end of my mediation time to set my intentions for the day. When I set my intention each morning, I am then able to invoke this mantra throughout the day and remind myself to stay focused on what is really important…being present and alert to life’s lessons that are dispersed everywhere.

Adriana loves yoga because the practice allows her to truly inhabit her body and find a comfortable and livable space deep within. Inspired by Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga, Adriana blends compassion for all beings with a challenging mindful asana practice that supports where her students are while encouraging them to explore their edge. Come to class with her, and your prana will be stoked through conscious breathing techniques while cultivating inner perceptual awareness and increasing concentration.


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