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Padma Mudra

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 No Comments

by Nikki Borodi


It is a beautiful dance, when we move, connecting the languages of our minds, bodies and spirits. We have transformative gifts that allow us to use our bodies to calm our minds, our trust in spirit to calm our bodies and our minds to thread the pieces together that invite us to utilize different expressions at the ends of our fingertips.

A mudra is a tool that can invite our spiritual, mental and physical bodies to work towards the same goal. In Sanskrit the meaning of ‘mudra’ is a seal or closure. By creating specific hand positions we consciously connect a physical gesture to focus transitioning the energy flow of the body, which invite us to shift spiritual and physical aspect of ourselves. This seal is a pact we make between the divine and ourselves to call in change.

I love the using of tangible symbolism, whether it is the pieces on an altar or a gesture of the hands to intentionally call in evolution. Just like there are different ingredients for various recipes there are many mudras to call in specific energy shifts.

One of my favorites is the Padma or Lotus Mudra. This beautiful coming together of the hands in a way that forms a lotus flower invites in purity and an opening of the heart. To explore Padma mudra place the base of the palms together allowing the pinkies and thumbs to touch while the rest of the fingers blossom widely open. Inhaling the lotus flower from your heart up past your crown chakra call in the invitation to allow your heart to open to receive whatever comes your way, on an exhale draw your hands in prayer down to your heart closing the lotus pedals off to any fear of your spirit. Repeat this cycle for as few or as many times as you wish with a full intention focused on this expansion.

You can also visualize your lotus flower freeing itself from mud and muck as it grows towards the sunlight. The lotus flower that shifts from darkness to light is a magnificent mirror to the human condition of how we all grow through murky waters to ultimately transform, shine and grow. We must honor the dark, pain, and struggle along with the joy, success and blessings within us that offer the lessons that most inspire our evolutions.

So anytime you are looking to add some mindfulness to your day and have even a few minutes to spare take seat, join your hands and enjoy the benefits of incorporating mudra into your meditation and pranayama practice. The shifts can happen anywhere and anytime when you invite yourself to be open to them. So whether you are on a yoga mat or waiting for the bus enjoy exploring the gestures that activate you the most.


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