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Nada Yoga

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by Astrud Castillo

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Salutations to the Nadam, which is the inner guide and the inner life the dispenser of happiness to all! It is the inner Guru appearing as Nada, the inner music, obtains the highest bliss.
-Hatha Yoga Pradipika IV.1

Translated by Shri Brahmananda Saravati
The Nadam is the inner current, light
and the dance that occurs, in us as us.
It urges us to listen with the ear of the heart!

I recently returned from Hawaii and Big Sur, where the purest form of sound was to be heard both inside and out—the sound of the ocean, the birds and the wind. I fell asleep each night to what at first was the sound of the tide rolling in and out, and at some point, there was no separation—there was no beginning, no end-just the sonorous sound of the water itself, which evolved into the eternal hum or sound of Om.

I also recognized this powerful sound inside the sound while I was observing large birds flying in unison over me, flapping their extremely large wings.The sound was filled with effort and had a rhythm all of its own. Then they would rest their wings in mid air, and you would only hear the power-FULL silence of the wind, the breath inside the breath. The reason the silence is so powerful and healing is it creates a vibration inside of us that then reverberates through each one of our cells—awakens consciousness and dissolves and breaks down any obstructions in the body and mind.
Nada Yoga reminds us that when “Entertainment” leads to “Innertainment,” music then becomes Yoga. The most powerful moment in Nada Yoga is when the music stops!

There is said to be two sources of sound. The AAHATA NADA (struck sound, that which is played using instruments) and the ANAATHA NADA, which is the uncreated sound—the sound of silence, the cosmos it is the sound of the void.
The sound of the Cosmos dissolves into the seed sound of all sounds, the sound of OM.

AUM is broken down into simple terms for us.
A-manifestation, creation and is symbolized by the SUN and waking consciousness.
U-growth, preservation,and the MOON is represented here as the dream state.
M-completion, destruction, perfection it is the sphere of FIRE as well as deep sleep.

You are encouraged to explore the sounds of nature—take a walk in the forest, by the ocean and listen to the sound inside the sound. Pick up an instrument and play or turn on some good dance music and explore the movement that naturally happens. Then pause and feel the vibrations.

Find some Kirtan in your community and chant the names of gods and goddesses and bathe in the sacred sounds and their power—before during and after the music.

“Enjoy the Silence” -Depeche Mode
“Great is the intoxication of money, of physical power and strength, of the relative world. But far greater still is the infinite bliss of Anahata Nadam which, takes one beyond time and space and makes all temporal intoxications fade away, useless.”


originally posted June 25,2014


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