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Keeping the Faith

Posted on: August 31st, 2016 No Comments

by Tina Spogli


This month marks my one-year anniversary living in San Francisco. As a result, I’ve been self reflecting a ton, thinking about all of the changes I’ve seen in my life over the past year – namely a move across the country coupled with a complete change in my livelihood. We all have these markers in our lives that encourage us to look at our unique path from a bird’s eye view, and hopefully feel content with where we are in this moment.

When we reflect on our life, we’re able to see our experience as a continuous wave. We see the moments when strength prevailed, and we also see the moments when we questioned our path and lost our faith. But the important part is that we stayed on the path. Vajrapradama (Unshakable Trust) mudra has been my reminder to believe in myself, and my own unique journey. Just like the poses in our asana practice, these mudras, or shapes we create with our hands, produce a particular feeling within us. The mudra communicates with us through the universal language of emotion. Mudras are like medicine, and Unshakable Trust mudra can be taken daily like a vitamin, receiving a regular dose of self-confidence and strength.

To form Unshakable Trust mudra, interlace the hands at your heart center, and let your thumbs point up towards the sky. The way the hands are linked gives the feeling of warrior strength and connection with ourselves, each other, and the cosmic self. The cosmic self shines through as our intuition – that voice inside each of us guiding our way. Sometimes we build walls in our hearts and minds that make it difficult to follow the path. As we tear down these walls, we get closer to our truth. This past year has brought many changes, and where I’ve resisted change in the past, I’m now seeing the beauty of how our lives can unfold when we let them.

Trust is a practice. We keep coming back to ourselves, to our faith, and to our light – remembering the immense power within. Trust means letting go, and waking up to our true selves. Paolo Coelho in his book ‘Warrior of the Light’ says:

The moment that he begins to walk along it, the Warrior of the Light recognizes the Path. Each stone, each bend cries welcome to him. He identifies with the mountains and the streams, he sees something of his own soul in the plants and the animals and the birds of the field. Then accepting the help of the Soul of the World, he allows his personal legend to guide him toward the tasks that life has reserved for him. On some nights, he has nowhere to sleep, on others he suffers from insomnia. “That’s just how it is,” thinks the Warrior. “I was the one who chose to walk this path.” In these words lies all his power: he chose the path along which he is walking and so has no complaints.


Tina developed a deep love for quieting the body and mind during her time living in one of the loudest cities. Yoga found Tina in 2007 while she was living in New York, and the practice quickly became her sanctuary amidst all of the hustle.

She believes in the transformative process of yoga, with its ability to bring us back into our bodies and breath, and stretch our mental limitations of what we think is possible – both on and off the mat. Her mantra is to come as you are, and observe what unfolds. Tina’s classes are thoughtful and intentional, sharing inspiration from her personal practice and life.

Tina is a 250 RYT, and a graduate from Laughing Lotus in New York and San Francisco. When she is not on the mat, you can find her in nature, exploring
photography, and hanging with her animal friends! She is very grateful to be a
part of the Laughing Lotus community of the east and west, and is thankful for
this space to share her heart and energy with you.


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