Josh Ehrenreich (sub)

RYT 200
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Most Played Artists: Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill, Brian Eno

Josh came to a regular yoga practice while preparing for a long term sojourn overseas with a likely lack of electricity. He looked to what parts of his life made him happy and didn’t require being “plugged in.” Yoga was an occasional interest at the time, so he set a goal of developing it into a hobby and committed to practicing every day for 26 weeks. Before long, he knew he had found a new life passion with consistent results in physical fitness, self-study, and mental clarity. More than anything else, Josh is inspired by the richness of the daily practice, by the coming to the mat (literally and figuratively) day after day.

Josh was drawn to Laughing Lotus by its intelligent and creatively-sequenced classes. Regardless of class level, he found Lotus Flow to be incredibly expressive and nourishing. He has stayed committed to the studio for the depth of knowledge he has gained and for the depth of teaching in all aspects of yoga that few studios in this city can provide.

Folks who take Josh’s class can expect a steady flow with strong attention to the breath, alignment, and thoughtful sequencing. Josh loves one student’s assessment as “steady, strong and sweaty.”

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