Jen DeSimone (sub)

RYT 200
Hometown: South Kingstown, Rhode Island
Astrological Sign: Libra
Most Played Artists: DJ Drez, Moby, Bombay Dub Orchestra

When Jen left graduate school to start a career, she became too busy for dancing, singing, telling stories and spending time by herself. It wasn’t long until her body rebelled and told her quite loudly and clearly that she needed to slow her pace. It was at this time that she discovered yoga. Through asana, Jen rediscovered her love of creative movement; through chanting, she found her voice. Through the ancient texts of the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and the Upanishads, her passion for storytelling reignited. Through meditation, she found peace within the stillness.

After moving from NYC to San Francisco, Jen discovered Laughing Lotus. Before one of her first classes, Keith Borden approached her mat, knelt down, introduced himself and asked, “Is there anything going on with your body that I should know about?” It was that brief moment of friendliness, interest and personal contact that made her realize that she had found her home.

Since completing her teacher training in the summer of 2012, Jen has offered classes in which students are met where they are. She strives to create a safe but playful atmosphere weaving together mantra, myth and philosophy.

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