Janine Trinidad

RYT-200, Certified Medical Reiki Master
Hometown: Norwalk, CA
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Janine’s yogic path is one of continual folding and unfolding unto itself, and she finds it ever expanding outwardly in colorful spirals. Her physical practice began through dance, but having experience some injury and imbalance (as life often offers) she found yoga to be a welcoming practice that allowed her to find harmony, wholeness and a safe place to explore deeper connections in her body. What she didn’t expect was yoga to offer her a profound relationship to her life purpose through teaching and healing. For Janine, yoga invites each individual into the heartfelt space of divine collaboration between mind and body, and between individual and universal. Really, yoga simply invited into her life, more growth and more fun!

Janine’s dynamic and conscientious, yinyang approach to asana allows students to discover their own authentic synergy, rhythm and voice through movement, be it fast or slow, external or internal. Each class with her is a sweet journey through caverns and skies intending you to feel the simple joy of being in this embodied human experience. Being a Reiki Master, Janine offers a unique perspective to working with energetics and the subtle body systems and lends gentle guidance through compassionate touch.

Janine is ever so grateful for her teachers at Laughing Lotus, and for the teacher in all she meets. She is honored to feel at home in San Francisco and at Laughing Lotus, for it continues to support her personal transformation and inspire her opening heart.

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