Genevieve McClendon

RYT 300, Certified Reiki Master
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Most Played Artists: Ty Burhoe, Brian Eno, Garth Stevenson
Classes: Restorative

Genevieve loves the sacredness of yoga and its ability to hold such unconditional love, attention and healing. She feels this allows full presence and awakening to truly come alive. Her love of yoga began during a time of personal challenge. It was the first time she had given herself permission to see and feel her body, heart and mind in a positive way. It started with slowly saying hello to the body, then giving space to lovingly allow emotions, then working on stabilizing thoughts and reconditioning the mind.

A Reiki Master/Teacher and advanced student of the restorative practice, Genevieve’s classes are a sacred space where the practice of yoga is used to tap more deeply into the present moment, allowing students to discover the beauty of their spirit and shine! She supports beings as they cultivate more self awareness, presence and inner peace, inspiring the joyful spirit that is already there. She’s deeply honored and constantly inspired to be a part of the incredible, vivacious, meaningful, loving, life-changing family at Laughing Lotus. For Genevieve, it’s a place that gives permission to be who you are with open arms, a place that allows space for personal awakening with authentic love and support. Lotus Flow is creative, dynamic and fun, yet allows deep grace in discovering yourself with love and compassion. It’s a place she’s proud to call hOMe!

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