Friday Night Live!

Yoga with LIVE music
TGIF at the Lotus 8:15-9:30pm

Practice yoga to LIVE music featuring different local musicians or DJs each week. Join Erica and Tina with Guest Musicians for a soulful late-night vibe to quiet your mind, open your heart and set your soul free! This class is an energetic and fun practice, suitable for all levels.

10/5 with Marianne
Musician’s name: Upendra
Instrument: Indian Flute
Short Bio: Upendra Wrinkle Bay Area native Kirtan Flutist. Originally a jazz player, he met his Guru in 1984 and began listening to the Indian Bansuri (bamboo flute) masters. He spent seven years living in an ashram, where he has performed for his Guru in many public venues in a group setting and as a soloist. He brings together the improvisation style of his jazz roots, love of raga and his meditation practice. Playing C Flute and Alto Flute, Upendra offers each moment in this environment of self-expressiveness to his Guru, listeners, and to Lord Krishna himself.

10/12 with Tina
Musician’s name: Heidi Kim
Instrument: Violin
Short Bio: A native of Detroit, Korean-American violinist Heidi Kim began her musical studies on the violin at age six and piano at age 8. She made her international debut at the 2007 London New Year’s Day Parade Festival Concert and her Carnegie Hall debut in 2010. Upholding a history of passionate interdisciplinary artistry, Ms. Kim has collaborated with dancers of Interlochen, Dance Jam Seoul, Ballets with a Twist, the Charlotte Ballet, Chautauqua Institution, and Mather Dance Collective, as well as with singers from the Cleveland Opera Theater, Opera Circle Cleveland, and Chautauqua Opera Company. From 2013-2014, she served on the Board of Directors as Musician-in-Residence at Ballet in Cleveland (now Ballet in the City), a nonprofit ballet presentation company dedicated to cultivating and enhancing the unique culture of ballet in the city of Cleveland and throughout the United States. She has also partnered with chefs at Ohio’s premier International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute to explore the pairing of classical music and fine cooking. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music, Heidi Kim is currently pursuing an Artist Diploma in Orchestral Studies with the San Francisco Academy Orchestra. She can often be found performing in traditional concert halls with the Sacramento Philharmonic, Modesto Symphony Orchestra, and San Francisco Academy Orchestra, as well as in more non-traditional venues such as dance studios, bars, municipal buildings, hospitals, and nursing homes.
You can watch her here, here and also here.

10/19 with Tina
Musician’s name: QB-Moda-Jazz
Instrument: Synthesizer, keyboard and flute
Short Bio: Producer Jun Ishimuro is behind the project QB – Moda -Jazz (QB stands for Qawwali and Bhajan). Born in Tokyo, Japan and with a background in classical and jazz music, studied film sound and visual arts and performed regularly with SF based alternative music group Moire Pulse. Using technology to play natural environmental sound recordings while playing sound loops, keyboard and flute to transport the yoga studio to an imaginary pleasant natural place through sound and live music.

9/14 Cancelled

9/21 with Tina
Musician’s name: Jack Cutter
Instrument: Guitar
Short Bio: Jack Cutter performs and records solo acoustic steel string guitar played without accompaniment or vocals. The rich tones, woven at various times from folk, classical, Hawaiian slack key and more, at times evokes a contemplative feeling sometimes treading towards the mystical yet accessible. At other times his music presents blues, rock, country and bits of whatever springs out of the guitar from stomping to soft. Jack currently performs regularly in and around the San Francisco, California Bay Area.