Friday Night Live!

Yoga with LIVE music
TGIF at the Lotus 8:15-9:30pm

Practice yoga to LIVE music featuring different local musicians or DJs each week. Join Erica and Tina with Guest Musicians for a soulful late-night vibe to quiet your mind, open your heart and set your soul free! This class is an energetic and fun practice, suitable for all levels.

5/4 with Tina
Musician’s name: Lara Garner
Instrument: Harp
Short Bio:Lara Garner, the founding member of Celtic Sands, is versatile as both a folk and classical musician. She plays Celtic harp, tin whistle, Irish flute, recorder and bodhran and is a classically-trained pianist. She has performed in pubs, restaurants, concert halls, churches, castles, cathedrals, gardens, and stately homes. She has lived and performed in both Paris and Rome. As a pianist, Lara has played the major piano chamber music repertoire and is the founding member of the Amethyst Trio, Trio Con Spirito & Klezmerama. She has also played many stage shows both locally and in Europe. She also writes her own original music. Lara taught herself to play the harp after a series of persistent dreams in which she heard and saw herself playing the harp.She owns four harps, the latest of which is a double-strung harp made to her specifications.
Listen here, and here

5/11 with Tina
Musician’s name: Derek Fairchild
Instrument: Guitar
Short Bio: Ravi Shankar meets Jon Lee Hooker. As a 40-year student, a 25 year professional practitioner of the Blues and a recent 200 hour certified Yoga instructor, the past three years have been an exhilarating period of discovery. While listening to Ravi after a Yoga class and before a bar gig where he’d play slide guitar he stumbled upon a technique for emulating the phrasing of the Sitar. Since then he has developed a methodology for creating the perfect soundtrack for any Yoga class. It’s roughly based on the construct of a classical Indian Raga. It enables him to establish harmonic themes which are used to dynamically interact with the pacing, intensity and spirit of the room. His 1931 National Steel Slide Guitar is the perfect bridge between a swampy sawdust floored shack on the Bayou and a Vishnu Shrine on the River Ganges

5/18 with Marianne
Musician’s name: Niko & Jun
Instrument: Bouzouki and Flute
Short Bio:Seasoned musicians Nicholas Soter and Jun after years of collaborations around the Bay Area have created this magic duet as part of an independent project from their regular roles as main musicians with The Cosmic Caravan. Nicho’s Greek instruments, Bouzouki, Tzouras and Baglama find its perfect match in Jun’s dynamic flute offering a delightful experience of Jazz sounds merged with traditional tones.