Friday Night Live!

Yoga with LIVE music
TGIF at the Lotus 8:15-9:30pm

Practice yoga to LIVE music featuring different local musicians or DJs each week. Join Erica and Tina with Guest Musicians for a soulful late-night vibe to quiet your mind, open your heart and set your soul free! This class is an energetic and fun practice, suitable for all levels.

9/1 Cancelled

9/8 Cancelled

9/15 with Tina
Musician’s name: Gabriel Harris
Instrument: Drums
Short Bio: Percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Harris has been touring internationally since 2004. He has performed on stage with the likes of Joan Baez, The Grateful Dead, Carlos Santana, Mickey Hart, Indigo Girls, Babatunde Olatunji, Pete Escovedo’s Latin Jazz Ensemble, and many more. His musical roots run deep, in Africa and other indigenous cultures, and he has a unique talent for building bridges between musical genres and traditions. Gabriel is founder and director of Rhythm Village, providing performances and workshops for countless organizations and communities throughout California.

Gabriel draws on rhythms and melodies from around the world to enhance group yoga practice, accentuating the flow of the asanas, alternating between rhythms that give support during strenuous poses, and subtle and enchanting melodies that encourage an inward journey during restorative poses and periods of relaxation. Gabriel is also practices yoga, and his philosophy is that the merging of sound and movement allows for a deepening of awareness and more complete immersion in one’s practice. There is a strong intention of healing and support that is expressed in Gabriel’s music.

9/22 with Marianne
Musician’s name: Niko and Jun
Instrument: Bouzouki and Flute
Short Bio: Seasoned musicians Nicholas Soter and Jun after years of collaborations around the Bay Area have created this magic duet as part of an independent project from their regular roles as main musicians with The Cosmic Caravan. Nicho’s Greek instruments, Bouzouki, Tzouras and Baglama find its perfect match in Jun’s dynamic flute offering a delightful experience of Jazz sounds merged with traditional tones.

9/29 with Tina
Musician’s name: Jeremy Jones
Instrument: Guitarist
Short Bio: RBorn in New Orleans, raised deep in Bayou country and washed up in the San Francisco Bay, Jeremy Jones, also known by the stage name Professor Jones, is a singer-songwriter & guitarist who delivers a signature “Swampedelic Rock & Soul” sound that blends the mud of the Louisiana swamps with the psychedelic sand of the California shore.
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