Friday Night Live!

Yoga with LIVE music
TGIF at the Lotus 8:15-9:30pm

Practice yoga to LIVE music featuring different local musicians or DJs each week. Join Erica and Tina with Guest Musicians for a soulful late-night vibe to quiet your mind, open your heart and set your soul free! This class is an energetic and fun practice, suitable for all levels.

4/7 with Tina
Musician’s name: Glenda Bates
Short bio: Glenda Bates is an innovative musician who blends classical techniques with jazz repertoire and improvisation, lending a fresh voice to the Bay Area music scene. Her unique perspective comes from eclectic studies of classical, jazz, contemporary, Baroque, and world musics.
Link to Glenda’s site


214/ with Kate Duyn
Musician’s name: Alma Mia
Instrument: Multi-Instrumentalists
Short bio: Alma Mia is born from the sacred union of renowned kirtan singer Astrud Castillo and international sound healer Mario Batres. Combining their eclectic music baggage and love for the sacred sounds Alma Mia takes you on a journey of exploration and devotion through the chanting of the divine names.
Harmonium vibrations seasoned with ukulele bits, drum rumbles and melodic voices invite the heart to soften and the mind to fly.
Link to Astrud’s site
Link to Mario’s site

284/ with Tina
Musician’s name: Amber Fields
Instrument: Multi-Instrumentalists
Short bio: Well known around the Bay Area, Amber Field, a performance artist, singer and multi-instrumentalist teacher and healer will share her music form different influences and ethnics.
Link to Amber’s site