Friday Night Live!

Yoga with LIVE music
TGIF at the Lotus 8:15-9:30pm

Practice yoga to LIVE music featuring different local musicians or DJs each week. Join Erica and Tina with Guest Musicians for a soulful late-night vibe to quiet your mind, open your heart and set your soul free! This class is an energetic and fun practice, suitable for all levels.

1/4 with Tina
Musician’s name: QB-Moda-Jazz
Instrument: Synthesizer, keyboard and flute
Short Bio: Producer Jun Ishimuro is behind the project QB – Moda -Jazz (QB stands for Qawwali and Bhajan).Born in Tokyo, Japan and with a background in classical and jazz music, studied film sound and visual arts and performed regularly with SF based alternative music group Moire Pulse.Using technology to play natural environmental sound recordings while playing sound loops, keyboard and flute to transport the yoga studio to an imaginary pleasant natural place through sound and live music.

1/11 with Marianne
Musician’s name: Glenda Bates
Instrument: Ukulele, Oboe, English horn, Baroque oboe
Short Bio: Glenda Bates is an innovative musician who blends classical techniques with jazz repertoire and improvisation, lending a fresh voice to the Bay Area music scene. Her unique perspective comes from eclectic studies of classical, jazz, contemporary, Baroque, and world musics.
You can watch her here

1/18 with Marianne
Musician’s name: Egemen Sanll
Instrument: Sitar, Electric Guitar, Harmonica
Short Bio: Egeman (Ege) carries an incredible passion for music of all varieties. Utilizing techniques from a myriad of musical genres and styles, he creates sophisticated and interesting fusions. Ege is a musical renaissance man, and a stringed-instrument maestro, equally comfortable playing folk and classical tunes on his sitar, or playing blues on his electric guitar and harmonica.
You can learn more about him here

1/25 with Tina
Musician’s name: Lauren Haile
Instrument: Singer songwriter, Guitar
Short Bio: Lauren Haile is a singer songwriter from the bay area. She studied at Laughing Lotus in SF to become a yoga teacher and is delighted to be performing for Friday Night Live! Music and spirituality are her biggest passions, which of course both inspire movement! The music in a yoga class that goes along with movement is something she cares deeply about, and she will bring a combination of her own original songs, a mantra or two, and cover songs as you play and practice on your mat. She’ll be singing with electric guitar. Her musical influences are wide ranging and she loves playing music from other songwriters like Lianne LaHavas, Maggie Rogers, Prince, and Vulfpeck to name a few. Her songs are a folk fusion, as she loves Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and Radiohead.