Fall 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Friday, September 8 – Sunday, December 17, 2017
(off for Thanksgiving Nov 25-26)


Saturdays & Sundays, 1pm-6pm


$3200 (Scholarships Available)

Tuition can be paid online after acceptance Pay Now


Join Jasmine Tarkeshi Co-Founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in NYC and SF along with Lotus senior teachers and master visiting teachers as your guides for the transformative, world renown journey that is Laughing Lotus Yoga School, established in 1998!

Yoga, along with it’s allied disciplines of Ayurveda, mantra and meditation, philosophy and teaching skills are taught by our expert teachers and infused the unique approach to sharing the yoga practice that is the Center’s signature Lotus Flow TM vinyasa teaching method, combining precise alignment and creativite sequencing. Our philosophy focuses on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the “road map” to liberation and the Bhagavad Gita the Path of self transcendant action and devotion. Through self-inquiry and community connection we uncover and experience the meaning of yoga and how this rich philosophy relates to our daily lives.

Jasmine and her team bring their passionate wisdom to every teacher training, sharing the principles of our signature style of yoga and how to incorporate them into your unique expression as a teacher. You will be guided on a personal journey through the Chakra system, Yoga’s spiritual anatomy, towards perfect health and be physically challenged, mentally inspired and spiritually awakened through the discipline of a personal practice that includes Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Ayurveda and Meditation and much more!

Fall Yoga School is a 1-6pm weekend program, designed to be easily integrated and adapted into your schedule. You will also be assigned a mentor and partnered up with another soul seeker whom you will meet with on a weekly basis and are required to take 2 weekly classes at the center. Homework and other assignments, like karma yoga are to be completed in your own time. Deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga, change your life and share what you love with others!

Download our full info packet for all the details and take the leap today!
Fall 2017 Info Packet


Art of Lotus Flow Sequencing
Yoga Philosophy
Intro to Sanskrit
Hands On Assists
Practice Teaching
Yoga for Kids


“Yoga meets You in the present place, time and state of mind. Laughing Lotus is a sacred space exemplifying this yogic quality by beautifully connecting the ancient Raja Yoga practice to the here and now. After Yoga School at LL, I found enrichment in my personal asana practice, spiritual navigation, and creative expression. This immersion is an invaluable opportunity to find intimacy with the present moment and foster citta vrtti nirodah in the midst of the 21st century city hustle and bustle. “ ~ Steven Shepard

Jasmine and the other teachers do an excellent job distilling the great Yogic practices into the 200-hour training, which comes and goes seemingly as quickly as the breath. On top of learning a brilliant way to teach Yoga through Lotus Flow, the YTT helped me find and add fuel to my divine spark. That spark has grown into a radiant and powerful sun, waiting to shine light on truth for others to grow and developed based on the knowledge accrued and introduced in this training. I have learned and will continue to develop a lifelong practice, skills, and knowledge and for that, I am forever grateful.” ~ Kris Evans

Yoga School gave me so much more than I ever thought possible. I was introduced to teachers who became my friends, and friends who became my teachers. Everyone became family. A circle of support who help you understand YOU better. Yoga itself is so much more than the physical and now I have so much more direction in how to channel the teachings of Yoga into all aspects of life. Now I understand what it means when people say to continue practicing yoga off the mat! ~ Yurina Stinner

“For five years, I was searching for the right yoga studio to do my teacher training program, and when I found the lotus in 2014 I knew I had finally found it. Walking into the inviting colorful doors, I knew I was home. Jasmine and her team of inspiring, talented, and heart centered teachers have created a teacher training program that is nothing short of transformational. While diving deeply into the ancient texts of yoga and deconstructing each chakra and posture, we were also encouraged to search inside of ourselves and our own truth- and with this I found myself diving even deeper into my connection to spirit. ~ Liz Gilbert

Additional Information:

For questions or inquiries regarding yoga school please email Jasmine SFYogaSchool@laughinglotus.com