Erica Martin

A neighbor of Laughing Lotus, Erica always found herself drawn to the cheerful, orange building around the corner. It wasn't until she started exploring the world of social and emotional learning--the practice of understanding, expressing, and regulating our emotions--with her 4th graders that she realized she needed some work in these areas herself. This brought her knocking on Lotus's doors and nothing has been the same since. Through yoga, Erica has found the ability to create space between outside stimulus and personal response. Within that space, she has found a profound sense of freedom and joy that she seeks to share with all of her students. Conscious breath work, groovy tunes, and real talk define her personal practice both on and off the mat.

Aside from teaching yoga, Erica works as a Wellness Program Coordinator at a local middle school. Her work focuses on the social and emotional well being of students and staff through yoga classes, restorative justice efforts, and explicit teaching of mindfulness techniques.

Erica is eternally grateful to the community and teachings of Laughing Lotus, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Brima Jah, and John Muir, among many others!

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