Erica Martin

E-RYT 300, Reiki 1
Hometown: Middlebury, IN
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Most Played Artists: Jaime xx, Alice Coltrane, Chance The Rapper
Classes: Sunrise Flow, Friday Night Live

Erica came to yoga as a stressed out elementary school teacher in desperate need of healing and a space for self-care. On her mat she felt more like herself than she ever had before - expansive, abundant, and connected to something larger than herself. Yoga taught her how to cultivate and grow her own joy and more skillfully navigate daily life. Erica is passionate about sharing these practices with other educators and caregivers and is a founding team member of the organization Breathe For Change, which does just that.

A neighbor of Laughing Lotus for many years, Erica always found herself drawn to the cheerful, orange building around the corner. This brought her knocking on Lotus's doors and nothing has been the same ever since. Erica mindfully incorporates props and alignment-based instruction into her sequencing and always comes prepared with a banging playlist. She is deeply committed to Lotus as her spiritual home and is eternally grateful for her teachers and mentors - Jasmine, Brima, and Keith - for sharing these practices with her and encouraging her along this path.

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