Astrud Castillo

E-RYT 200, Heart of Yoga & Restorative Certified
Hometown: San Francisco
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Most Played Artists: Sheila Chandra, D.J Drez, Rocket Empire
Classes: Lotus Flow, Morning Mantras, Basic Flow

A devoted Bhakti Yogi and Kirtan artist, Astrud came to yoga seeking peace of mind. She was most inspired by and drawn to the devotional and spiritual aspects of the practice, both of which continue to expand her mind and heart on a daily basis. Her belief is that the intimate relationship to our breath and body cultivate a deeper intimacy with our lives and one another.

Class with Astrud invites students to dive into this mystery of the breath, supported by the fusion of mantra and asana. There is always chanting in her classes to awaken the spirit of Bhakti (devotion), so that students can dive more deeply into the heart of yoga.

Astrud is honored to have been practicing with her long-time friends and the co-creators of Laughing Lotus - Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn - long before the temple doors opened. She has always been inspired by the freedom to move like herself as well as the joy of a creatively sequenced class that explores the balance between effort and surrender. She’s honored to call Lotus home since its inception in 2000 in the heart of Greenwich Village in NYC, and now in its 10th year in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission district! She has also been inspired and guided by her dear friend and teacher, Mark Whitwell.

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