Amanda Cooper

RYT 200
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Astrological Sign: Leo
Most Played Artists: Solange, Lauryn Hill, The Beatles
Classes: Soul Sweat

Amanda is one of the newest grads of the Lotus TT program (Spring 2018),
but feels as if the universe has been leading her down this path for a
very long time. She grew up dancing in NYC, which led to cheerleading all
through college at MIT and a host of other fitness pursuits in Texas. It
wasn’t until her very first yoga class in Houston that the love affair
began - she came for the physical benefits, but discovered so much more.

Having struggled with asthma her whole life, yoga gave Amanda a way to
control her breath. She also was never able to truly quiet her mind until
that first sweet, sweet savasana. And then there was vinyasa flow… Oh how
she loved to flow! It rekindled her inner dancer and gave her a creative
outlet. The asana progression felt like the natural progression of water
ebbing and flowing through a river - steady, energetic, cleansing,
powerful. Amanda’s classes are similarly structured and will leave you
with the knowledge that you are capable of more than you think.

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