Alex Crow

Alex Crow has been moving and grooving for as long as she can remember. Her deep passion for movement as a form of expression and a source of healing inspires her in her daily life on and off the mat, on and off the stage, and in and out of the roles of teacher and student. Dance has shown her a way to express the mysterious, spacious caverns of the human heart that words so often fall short of describing. However, with the gradual introduction of the ancient yoga practices into her dancing body, the magic and power of the breath, and that which breathes her, was revealed to her! This immensely powerful and beautiful source of energy and love inspires her to structure her classes in such a way that each of her students feel safe and secure enough to explore their own inner worlds with daring curiosity, playfulness, and a whole lot of courage!!

Alex gives a big shout out to her amazing family in her hometown, Toledo, Ohio, who has supported her growth as an artist and teacher since her first days on this planet. She is constantly inspired and motivated by their generosity and hopes to give that sense of security, community, and loving kindness to everyone that comes in and out of her life. She is so grateful to call Laughing Lotus her home-base on the west side, and bows so deeply with gratitude to her teachers Keith Borden, Jasmine Tarkeshi, and so many others that have helped her to see how we can always be a light unto ourselves.

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