Advanced Teacher Training Programs

Introducing our Advanced Teacher Training Program! Broken up into 100 Hour or 50 Hour Modules, you can create your own 300 hour program that most aligns with your personal interests and schedule. Open to all teachers from all yogic backgrounds with a 200 hour teacher training certificate.


January 17-21, 2019


9am - 6:30pm daily
Includes 75 minute lunch and breaks


$950 (20% off Full Price for Lotus Grads)


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Awaken the Healer Within! Whether you are a healer of any modality, a yoga teacher receiving your 300 Hour or advanced practitioner desiring to take the next step on your path and teaching, this training is not to be missed.

During this 50 hour Advanced training, you will be guided through a thorough exploration of sequencing a Lotus Flow class while incorporating hands on assists. You will learn to cultivate Stiram/Sukham or steady and blissful balanced assists in Surya Namaskar, Standing Poses, Arm Balances , Inversions, Back bends and Forward bends, to assist in bringing about harmony in body, mind and spirit. Through learning bold, educated, sensitive and healing touch you will connect more deeply with your students by giving personal attention through direct transmission, assist in deepening your students' practice and understanding of Asana, and create a nurturing environment in your classes through the healing and transformative power of touch through Reiki and Reflexology, and grow tremendously as a yoga teacher.

Taught by our beloved Master teachers Robin Wilner, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Mary Dana Abbott, along with senior teacher Alex Crow and reflexology master Chantal Lucier, you will be inspired and uplifted for a lifetime!



Assists for Basic poses and Students
Assisting more advanced students into advanced Poses
Look at individuals to alter assist to serve the student
Assists for energetic alignment in Asana through the art of dual/balanced action
Assists for Privates
Assisting individuals in large groups
Assists for injuries, pregnancy or any other students with special needs


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